When it comes to watching films, I love the inspiring ones that make you think about life and by the end of it you are making plans or how to achieve your dreams.. only me? huh. I found quite a few films and documentary style films telling the stories of people who have done exactly what they wanted, challenged themselves and come out the other side. I love each and very one of these films and highly recommend them to anyone.

< – – Tracks – – >

I watched this one only a few days ago and by the end of it I was re-evaluating my life. Its about a woman, Robyn Davidson, who treks across the western Australian desert from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean with 4 camels and her dog. Her reasoning was why not. She just wanted to be away from people. It took her months to complete her trek and was visited a number of times by a National Geographic photographer to document her journey. She went on to publish a National Geographic article (May 1983) and a novel both of which are great reads if you enjoyed the movie.

< – – Maidentrip – – >

This documentary style film is about a 14 year old girl who sails around the world by herself. 14. Alone. Laura Dekker took two years to complete her trip and even had to fight a court order to go. Could you even imagine doing something as crazy as this when you were 14? At that age I was doing homework everyday, not even thinking about anything outside of school. It got me thinking about how much we could achieve if we started working on our goals at 14. This film documents her trip around the world and shows how she lived onboard her yacht for two years.

< – – Bike Wanderer- – >

This is actually a series of youTube videos by Iohan Gueorguiev but are up to an hour long each so it’s basically like a movie. This guy started biking from the very top of Canada all the way down through Mexico, camping along the way. On a push bike. Did I mention it was winter in Canada during part of his trip. All self filmed this guy is an inspiration to me and just shows that you can do what you want if you truly want to do it. His determination to get up each day and get back on his bike day after day, week after week… he really likes cycling. Check out his blog as well: He is still on his journey through Central America so I am keeping up to date on his progress and following his journey.

< – – Wild – – >

Wild is more of a mainstream film starring Reese Witherspoon, which is a story about Sheryl Straid, who packed up her rucksack nicknamed Monster, after turning into someone she didn’t want to be, and without any experience or training, walked the Pacific Crest Trail. Determined to keep going and carry on in spite of the mistakes and obstacles she faced, she makes it to the end of the trail. Although this isn’t my favourite of the movies here, it is definitely one to watch, if only to plan my own PCT adventure!


All of these films have inspired me and made me think about my life, and how I can change my path at any time to do something extraordinary. The determination, spirit and courage it took for all these people to make their journeys is something amazing and something to be celebrated. I hope if you watch them, they will inspire you as well!

Have you watched any films like these? Please share them below!

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