As a photography enthusiast I am always on the look out for the best way to store and protect my gear while out and about. In most high street camera stores the bags are far from appealing, mainly made from hard black material that is just plain hideous. I want a camera bag that doesn’t look like a camera bag, that is cool and stylish to carry around whether you are hiking a mountain or exploring the city. So I have put together a list of my favourite camera bag designers which all look great and protect your equipment.




Kellys camera bags are stylish and not recognisable as typical camera bags, made from mainly using leather and canvas, there are a whole range of different styles including handbags, totes, messenger bags and backpacks.

My favourite is the Pilot backpack (pictured left) with a removable padded basket so you can either use it to keep your camera safe or for a normal day bag. This is going to be on my Christmas list for next year (thanks Mum!).


Price range: US $149 to $299 | Ships: worldwide | Buy from:




Langly pride themselves on their durable, quality, hand made backpacks that will last for years. Currently they sell three backpack designs (Alpha Pro pictured) in three colours: forest green, natural and black. They have loads of pockets and sections for all your camera gear and also sell inserts for your own bag and camera straps.




Price range: US $125 to $325 | Ships: selected countries | Buy from:




ONA produce high quality bags with so many designs to choose from in all shapes, sizes and colours and are one of the leading manufacturers in camera bags. Although this is one of the more expensive designs, the Camps Bay is the bag I would choose and can hold a camera plus 7 lenses.





Price range: US $139 to $489 | Ships: selected countries | Buy from: or instore



Johanson bags are typically handbags which have adjustable and removable dividers perfect for carrying a few items. Most of these bags are made from leather and are great if you want a handbag which will protect your camera as well. My personal favourite is the Granada which will easily carry a camera and daily essentials for a day of exploring.



Price range: US $89 to $199 | Ships: worldwide | Buy from:

What do you use to store your camera gear in? Let me know below…

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