March and April has felt like two weeks and two years all at the same time. Living in such a small town and doing the same thing everyday really makes time move differently. I can now safely say that small town life and staying in the same place is just not for me.

Although there are some perks to having a job again, I’ve unpacked my suitcase, got my own room, been able to get organised again, which when you are constantly on the move is hard to do. As the job is easy work and as there is nothing to spend money on I am able to save up very quickly. It’s quite hot here, reaching around 38 degrees each day and night temperatures only dropping to around 24 degrees. Earlier in the month we had two days of heavy rain which flooded all the roads out of town leaving us cut off from the outside world. We were later told rain like that only comes every five years or so, leaving me to wonder how anything survives that long without a decent drink!

After a long time of not knowing where to go from here I am happy to say I have booked my flight out of here on the 23rd May back to Brisbane. It  is only a very short time in the city though as the day after I’ll be flying off to Bali! I am so so excited as I have never been to Asia, I’m going with the friends I’m working in Boulia which will be a blast. We managed to find super cheap flights and a hotel in Seminyak for 5 nights; we all need a treat after living here for three months! So now I’ve got 3 more weeks of working before the adventures start again! The road is now home and I can’t wait to see somewhere completely new.Boulia creek


The creek just out of town, a little place of bliss in the never ending outback.




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