My, my, my, February has been full of unexpected adventures and a month ago I could not have predicted where I have ended up!

So at the start of the month I was still in Coffs Harbour looking for work. I was enjoying staying in one place and getting to know people for more than a few days. I did work for accommodation for two hours in the morning every day and then went to the beach or read in the hammocks or went to a café, while looking if any jobs had become available. The days ticked by and still no work. By mid February my money was slowly running out and so I had to leave to find work. I wanted to stay as I had settled in and would have liked to stay and work, but it wasn’t to be so I packed up and headed to Brisbane. I stayed at Base Uptown and got work for accommodation (seriously, it saved so much money). Again, I spent a lot of time handing out resumes, asking in every shop and going online. Someone recommended to go to a job desk so I popped in and $119 later I had a job the same day! Well worth the money if you ask me. I had a week before I started so I could relax and explore Brisbane, which I hadn’t had a chance to do. Southbank was easily my favourite place with the Arbour and river walk, it had a very cool and chill vibe to it, with restaurants and bars on the main road. Check out the full blog post on Brisbane here. I enjoyed Brisbane, it has some great Botanical Gardens, shops and a nice museum.

The time to leave arrived and I got on the 26 hour bus to Mt Isa and then was picked up and driven to Boulia. A very remote town far in the outback with a population of 300 people. I work at the supermarket and roadhouse full-time so I will be able to save up a lot of the money I earn. I don’t know how long I will stay here, maybe 10 weeks, maybe 16 weeks, I’m not sure yet. But that is where I am currently, in the outback! I have only been here for six days and adjusting to life in this tiny town, one shop and one pub, that is it. Wish me luck!

South Bank Wheel // Brisbane, Australia

South Bank Wheel // Brisbane, Australia

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