There were many trips being run at the hostel, but the one every recommended was the sunset trip to Emerald Beach. Just a 10 minute drive away we were soon watching wild kangaroos hopping around and looking at us. Now this was my first time seeing wild kangaroos so you can DSC00848imagine my excitement as I walked around, watching and snapping photos of these lovely animals.

A short walk from the car park takes you out onto the cliff path, giving you a really good view of the ocean, perfect for taking a picnic and watching for whales and dolphins. Unfortunately we didn’t see any even though I kept my eyes peeled for any splashes. As the sun got lower, pastel shades of blue, yellow and pink begun to cover the sky and the sea turned from blue to green to turquoise to blue again.

After the initial excitement and group photo, we sat down and just watched the ocean. And in that moment I was present. I felt connected to everything around me and so grateful for everything that had brought me to that moment. All the hard times and DSC00839dedication, all the highs and lows, all the people I had met and all the opportunities I took and didn’t take, they all lead me to that point in time. Sat watching a beautiful sunset with some really good people, and I felt happy. In that moment everything I had worked for slotted into place and a wave of joy washed over me. The next day saw me leaving Coffs Harbour and all the friends I had made to head into the unknown. But for that fleeting moment I was completely where I wanted to be, who I wanted to be. I was following my dreams and passion.

We eventually had to head back but I left feeling inspired and hopeful that as long as there are sunrises and sunsets, that everything will turn out ok, no matter where my path in life might lead.



Have you ever had a moment where you feel completely happy and content?

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