Having only been in Sydney a week, the beginning half of December was filled with touristing around the city, visiting the beaches, museums, shop and gardens. It rained one day (shock) so I went to a book shop in the Galleries where I love to look at all the travel book and think about far off places I want to go (what? you can’t blame a girl for dreaming). I also decided Darling Harbour is my favourite place in the city. I spent a whole day wandering around the place with my camera in one hand and an ice cream in the other. I went to the aquarium and zoo which were both really great, and even to Madame Tussauds which was so boring and I will never go to again.

I spent Christmas Day on Coogee Beach and enjoyed the day relaxing in the sun and running into the sea to play in the waves with a little picnic. It is certainly a very different Christmas experience than I have had before! The beach was super crowded and I can only imagine what it would have been like at Bondi, but we got the for midday and got our towels down to secure our spot. I skyped my family who were on holiday in Switzerland, it just brightens my day every time I talk to them and was the perfect way to end Christmas.

I had a shopping day when a family friend came to Sydney and we spent the day wandering the shops, getting the best out of the Christmas sales and having a good natter. I also braved the crowds (and I mean crowds) of people and got the ferry over to Watsons Bay. It was such a cute little place and a lovely walk to South Head and Hornby lighthouse, but I did get a little sunburnt! I spent a few hours here before heading back to the chaos that engulfs the city at New Years.


January started in Mrs Macquaries Point, and what an amazing display it was. Armed with towels, a picnic and sun cream we queued up pretty early to get a good spot for the fireworks. A group of us managed to get a spot right by the shore and we enjoyed the sun, played cards and relaxed in the park until the sun went down. The fireworks were magical, the best I have ever seen. Twelve minutes of oohing and ahhing, with the finale being a curtain of gold sparkles from the harbour bridge. Spectacular.

I left Sydney only a few days into January and headed to Newcastle and onto Port Macquarie before staying in Coffs Harbour. Newcastle was disappointing as it rained for the whole time we were there so I didn’t get to see a lot of the town, only making it to the beach for one afternoon but I had fun in the hostel despite the storm. I got to Port Macquarie and it was back to sunshine, there is a lovely coastal walk here which I loved and a koala hospital which was fun to visit.

And then it was onto Coffs Harbour which I have been for the past two weeks. It is a really nice place here, I’m staying at Aussitel Backpackers hostel and I’ve met some incredible people. I have been looking for a job and I managed to get some work for accommodation which saved me a lot of money, it is definitely the best thing to do if staying in a hostel for more than a week. But even with this, the money was still disappearing and no jobs were appearing! So its time to leave and find a job.

I have had a blast here and have also had some great trips and made some amazing friends. I went to Dorrigo National Park and Dangar Falls for the day, it was really good to get away from the town and into nature. The rainforest stretching for miles, so many birds and wildlife, swimming in the waterfall. Ahhh, it was gorgeous.
The trip to Emerald Beach for the sunset was wonderful where I saw some wild kangaroos up close. They were so damn cute. It was a short walk to the cliffs and the view of the beach was spectacular. The sun was just beginning to set and the sky was on fire. So many colours filled my view and the I felt truly blessed to be here with some new friends. I also went SUP (stand up paddleboarding) for the first time and didn’t fall in! Surprisingly the board was very stable and even when I wobbled it wouldn’t tip over. We went up the creek and spent about 3 hours on the boards, so so much fun.

I had a blast in Coffs and although it didn’t work out how I wanted it to, I had a great time there. So it’s time to move on. Next stop: Brisbane!


NYE celebrations at Harbour Bridge.

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